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Welcome to EXPERTIST® Network, crafted for 3rd to 4th-year BSBA Marketing students!

Discover SEO Copywriting: Start Learning!

We get it; making the leap from textbooks to real-world marketing can feel like navigating uncharted territory.

At EXPERTIST, we understand the challenges Filipino marketing students face. Our platform is your guide from classroom to real-world marketing.

Explore our hub with articles, templates, and tips to kickstart your SEO Copywriting journey. No need to worry about falling behind—we’ve got you covered!

Follow our simple guide: Master keyword research, optimize content, create engaging blog posts, excel in social media copywriting, build a strong portfolio with real projects, and get peer feedback. It’s not just learning; it’s about applying those skills.

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Our Why

Finding a good-paying job in marketing is tough. We’re here with you because we know it’s hard to make ends meet with the high cost of living.

EXPERTIST Network helps you learn skills for better-paying opportunities. Let’s change things together for a brighter future. Your success matters, and we’re here to give you the tools to thrive in marketing.

Meet the team

The talented minds behind EXPERTIST Network, working together to make your learning journey awesome.

Jay Mark G. Custodio

Jay Mark G. Custodio

Founder, CEO & Lead Contributor at JayMarkCustodio.Com

Abigail F. Midel

Abigail F. Midel

Content Specialist & Lead Contributor at SelfMastr.Com

Arvie C. Montesor

Arvie C. Montesor

Copy Editor & Lead Contributor at Montesor.Com

Blessed C. Bagor

Blessed C. Bagor

Full-Stack Web Developer & Lead Contributor at Bagor.Tech

Ready to rise above entry-level challenges and boost your marketing career?

  • Stand out to employers.
  • Higher pay potential than other marketers.
  • More job options in marketing.
Happy and fruitful marketing career.