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Young man in China rushed to hospital after his ‘DIY’ circumcision failed


The young man circumcised himself without any anaesthetics or disinfectant before the procedure

A man was rushed to the hospital in southern China with a bleeding penis after circumcising himself at home.

According to the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, the man in his twenties said he purchased surgical equipment for the procedure online.

He told doctors at a hospital in Shenzhen, in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, that he performed the procedure without any anaesthetics or disinfectants beforehand.

The man claimed that his penis continued to bleed after the at-home procedure. He attempted to treat it by pressing on the injured area, but he was unable to stop the bleeding.

The man was released from the hospital after receiving medical treatment for several days.

Some online shops continue to sell DIY circumcision equipment for around 200 yuan (US$31), with advertisements claiming, “You can DIY and it’s easy and convenient to do. This is the same type as those used in hospitals.”

According to an online customer service representative, there is no risk in using the DIY kits if the customer follows the handbook provided.

Source: SCMP

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