Xyriel Manabat Opens Up About Back Pains and Her Admiration for Flat-Chested Women


In a recent interview with Ogie Diaz on his YouTube channel, young actress Xyriel Manabat openly discussed her struggles with back pain caused by her large breasts. She also expressed her admiration for women with flat chests and shared her perspective on the matter. Let’s delve into her revelations and understand her unique viewpoint.

The Burden of Big Breasts

Xyriel Manabat, known for her talent and charm, revealed that having big breasts comes with its share of physical discomforts. She admitted to experiencing chronic back pain and the difficulty of finding comfortable positions. The actress highlighted the challenges and emphasized the reality of the burden big-breasted women often face in their daily lives.

Admiration for Flat-Chested Women

While acknowledging that many women dream of having larger breasts, Manabat surprised her audience by expressing her attraction to women with flat chests. She praised their beauty and how well they can carry themselves in different outfits. Manabat’s perspective challenges conventional beauty standards and promotes the appreciation of diverse body types.

The Choice Between Big Breasts and a Flat Chest

When asked to choose between having big breasts and a flat chest, Manabat opted for the latter. She cited practical reasons such as avoiding wardrobe malfunctions and minimizing body pains. Her decision was based on a desire for comfort and functionality, rather than seeking attention or conforming to societal expectations.

Proportion and Height

Manabat further reflected on her personal journey with body image and shared that she believes her breasts would appear more proportionate if she were taller. She expressed a desire for balance and suggested that her smaller stature might emphasize the size of her breasts more prominently. By contemplating the impact of height on her physical appearance, she offers insights into her self-perception and aspirations.


Xyriel Manabat’s candid interview shed light on the physical discomfort she experiences due to her large breasts. Her admiration for women with flat chests challenges societal beauty standards and encourages embracing diverse body types. Manabat’s choice to prioritize practicality over conforming to societal norms is a refreshing perspective in the entertainment industry. Her thoughts on proportion and height provide a glimpse into her personal journey of self-acceptance. Through her openness, Manabat contributes to a broader conversation about body positivity and the importance of embracing one’s unique features.

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