Willie Revillame Teases “Wowowin” Comeback with New Song “Babalik Ako”

The anticipation is building among fans of the hit variety show “Wowowin” as its charismatic host, Willie Revillame, released a new song titled “Babalik Ako,” which seems to hint at his and the show’s comeback. The music video for the song, unveiled on the show’s official Facebook page on Tuesday, July 4, has generated excitement and speculation among viewers.

The music video opens with Revillame sitting alone inside an enclosed space, gazing through a glass window at the world outside. The opening scenes set an intriguing tone, leaving fans wondering about the significance behind this visual representation. Before the song starts playing in the background, the screen flashes sentences that read, “Namimiss ko na ang inyong mga hiyawan. Namimiss ko na ang inyong palakpakan. At namimiss ko na ang inyong mga yakap” (I miss your cheers, applause, and your hugs). These heartfelt words evoke nostalgia and resonate with the deep connection between Revillame and his loyal audience.

As the music video progresses, it includes clips of Revillame’s lively interactions with contestants and the “Wowowin” audience, showcasing memorable moments from episodes that aired prior to the pandemic. This clever incorporation of past footage adds to the excitement surrounding the show’s return, stirring up fond memories for avid viewers. The video concludes with the words, “‘Wowowin’—Kayo ang bida dito. Abangan” (You are the main character here. Soon.), leaving fans eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated comeback.

Previously, “Wowowin” aired on ALLTV, but the show went on hiatus after Revillame reportedly resigned from the Manny Villar-owned network. Details about the variety show’s return have yet to be disclosed at the time of writing, further heightening the intrigue surrounding its revival. Fans are left wondering about the possible network or platform that will bring back the beloved show, along with any exciting changes or surprises that may accompany its return.

Willie Revillame’s “Babalik Ako” and the accompanying music video have undoubtedly rekindled enthusiasm among “Wowowin” fans. The heartfelt lyrics, combined with nostalgic footage and the promise of the audience being the main characters, have fueled anticipation for the show’s imminent comeback. As viewers eagerly await further announcements, the buzz around “Wowowin” continues to grow, reminding us of the show’s enduring popularity and Revillame’s undeniable connection with his devoted fans.

Courtesy: Inquirer

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