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Wife, her husband’s belongings are being sold live at a low price


Instead of throwing them away, a lady sold her husband’s expensive and branded pre-loved items at a low price and left their family.

According to an episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” a year ago Jamille and her ex “Philip,” not her real name, had a relationship.

Before they decided to get together, they first had three children.

But from a good couple, Jamille and Philip’s relationship as partners gradually became cold.

"Aayain ko pong kumain, ayaw niyang kumain. 'Yung yayakagin ko po siya, sasagutin niya ako na 'Bakit ba?' Walang ka-concern-concern. Pinaparamdam niya sa akin na hindi na niya ako mahal," Jamille shared.

She said her husband used to like to buy branded goods. But eventually, Philip’s attention was not only focused on shopping, but also chatting with other women.

According to Jamille, she even got to the point where Philip’s woman fought with her and called her a “home wrecker.” As a result, their quarrels became frequent.

Their fight was captured on CCTV on March 20, where Philip was seen uncontrollably and hit the painting they hung on the table. After that, Philip tapped Jamille’s hand.

"Iyak po ako nang iyak. 'Ayusin natin ang pamilya natin.' Sabi niya 'Hayaan mo na kasi ako. Hindi na ako masaya,'" Jamille storied.

According to Jamille, before their last fight with Philip, she had caught him three times. Their eldest son also begged Philip not to leave.

"'Yung panganay po namin, sobrang papa's boy. Nag-message po 'yung anak ko sa kaniya, 'Please come back. I cannot live without you. I love you so much. Stay with us.' Wala lang sa kaniya," said Jamille.

Philip was not prevented from leaving even though their son will celebrate his birthday on March 23.

So instead of sulking when he saw the mister’s belongings that reminded him, he sold them.

Philip’s polo, which was originally priced at P6,000 to P8,000, was sold by Jamille with a starting price of P200. The shoes also cost P25,000, obtained for P16,100.

By selling her former partner’s belongings, Jamille raised about P200,000.

But according to civil and criminal law practitioner Atty. Jun Lim, it is possible that Jamille will be sued for theft for selling personal belongings.

However, Jamille can also complain of violation against women and children against her husband because it caused psychological violence to her.

Even if you are not married, you can file a lawsuit against a man for psychological violence caused by her femininity.

You can also watch the video below.

Source: GMA

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