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Widow, married the twin of his late wife


Niño’s world collapsed when his wife Beth died of lupus. But the world of the widow was rebuilt because of Liza, the twin of his bereaved wife.

In the last episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” this Sunday, Niño recounted the year 2003 when he met and fell in love with Beth, a singer of the band.

Niño wasted no more time and he courted Beth until they became lovers. A few years later, they decided to get married and had two children.

But just two weeks after Beth gave birth, the woman was hospitalized and passed away two weeks later.

“Last word na sinabi niya anak, ang nabanggit niya anak. Wala na. Hanggang sa huling sandali, anak niya iniisip niya,” said Niño.

With the death of his wife Beth, Niño thought he would never love her again. Until he became close to his fellow teacher Liza, Beth’s twin.

Liza admitted that she didn’t “type” Niño at first.

But as Liza sympathized with Niño during the mourning period, they gradually fell in love with each other until they became related, and got married in 2016.

Liza believes that Beth also made a way for her and Niño to be close.

Because identical twins, Beth’s children, it wasn’t hard to call their aunt Liza ‘mommy.’

Biyudo, nagpakasal muli sa kakambal ng yumao niyang misis|GMA

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