Vice Ganda Sparks Controversy by Rejecting the Romanticization of Poverty

Popular Filipino comedian and TV host Vice Ganda recently ignited a heated debate after challenging the notion that it is “fun to be poor.” During an episode of ABS-CBN’s “It’s Showtime,” Vice Ganda engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with a contestant, highlighting the importance of rejecting the romanticization of poverty. This unexpected insight from the comedian has garnered significant attention on social media, with netizens praising Vice Ganda’s wisdom and socio-political awareness.

The Fallacy of “Fun to be Poor”

In a heartfelt exchange with a contestant, Vice Ganda questioned the belief that being poor is an enjoyable experience. The contestant, despite facing economic hardships and limited access to daily meals, expressed contentment with his life. However, Vice Ganda astutely pointed out that such a mindset is flawed, as it undermines the struggle of those living in poverty. He emphasized that it is crucial to recognize that love, compassion, and education can exist within impoverished households, but romanticizing poverty is ultimately misguided.

Changing the Mindset

Vice Ganda urged individuals to adopt a mindset of resilience, determination, and a desire to uplift themselves from poverty. The comedian highlighted the importance of striving for a better future for oneself and one’s family. Acknowledging that challenging circumstances often accompany poverty, Vice Ganda stressed the significance of embracing the opportunity to escape the cycle of deprivation. By rejecting the romanticization of poverty, Vice Ganda encouraged viewers to cultivate a mindset that promotes growth, stability, and the pursuit of a comfortable life.

Netizens Applaud Vice Ganda’s Insight

The clip of Vice Ganda’s interaction with the contestant swiftly gained traction on social media, particularly on Twitter, where netizens commended the comedian for shedding light on socio-political issues. Users hailed Vice Ganda’s sense of humor, courage, and profound wisdom, asserting that such qualities are rare in the entertainment industry. The comedian’s ability to spark critical conversations and challenge prevailing notions demonstrates her lasting impact as a game-changer.

Acknowledging Individual Differences:

While Vice Ganda’s remarks struck a chord with many, Twitter users also emphasized the need to acknowledge the inherent inequalities and advantages that exist within society. They reminded followers that not everyone has equal opportunities, even if they work diligently to improve their circumstances. It is essential to recognize that socio-economic disparities can hinder individuals’ ability to escape poverty, making it unjust to blame them for their struggles.


Vice Ganda’s candid discussion on “It’s Showtime” has generated widespread discussion on the topic of poverty and the misconceptions surrounding it. By rejecting the romanticization of poverty, Vice Ganda challenged societal norms and highlighted the importance of a mindset that empowers individuals to rise above their circumstances. The comedian’s words have sparked a renewed awareness of the need to address socio-economic disparities and work towards creating a society where everyone has equal opportunities for a better future.

Courtesy: Inquirer

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