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Ubiquitous Palindrome Date: February 22, 2022


February 22, 2022 is a “ubiquitous palindrome date,” explained Dr. Aziz Inan, a University of Portland (Ore.) professor who has been studying palindrome dates for the last decade. It’s a palindrome across the globe no matter how the date is written, he said — whether in the format of month-day-year; day-month-year; or year-month-day (2-22-22, 22-2-22).

Palindromes are words or number sequences that can be read both forward and backward. The symmetry and auspicious nature of palindrome dates have always been a major draw for couples looking to exchange vows on a particularly unique day, and possibly one with a little extra luck circulating in the universe, as some believe.

In the case of February 22, it contains the number two, which is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture. And, as if that weren’t enough, the date falls on a Tuesday, resulting in a social media craze dubbed “Twosday.”

‘Twosday:’ 2-22-22 palindrome date explained

One would be hard pressed to find a person more enthusiastic about palindrome dates than Inan, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Portland. Such dates, according to him, have “magical numerical power” and the ability to foster social interaction.

“Any time I share these with other people, whatever age, I get their attention and they are interested,” he said.

This February was chock-full of palindrome dates — ten, to be exact, in the month-day-year format.

Inan explained that February 22, abbreviated as 2/22/22, is the second most common palindrome day this year, the first being February 2 written as 2/2/22.

They are common palindrome dates because whether you’re in Europe, Asia or America, it’s a palindrome date,” which means they are read the same backward and forward regardless of the date system used.

Other common palindrome dates, such as this year’s 2/2/22, will occur every 11 years, as will 3/3/33, 4/4/44, and 5/5/55. However, no palindrome date like 2/22/22 will occur again in this century, according to Inan.

“Symmetry is so powerful,” he said.

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