Tyronia, Toni Fowler’s Daughter, Breaks Down in Tears, Desires Tito Vince as Father


Popular social media personality Toni Fowler recently opened up about the strained relationship between her daughter, Tyronia, and her father, Aaron Manalo. In a heartfelt vlog, Fowler shared the emotional turmoil her daughter has been experiencing, revealing Tyronia’s resentment towards her father. This candid account provides a glimpse into the complexities of co-parenting and the impact it can have on children.

A Father’s Decision

Trouble began brewing when Toni’s daughter became upset with her father, Elon, after he made the decision to separate from the Toro Family and leave their household. Despite the amicable farewell, Tyronia couldn’t shake the feeling of being abandoned once again.

Family Day Disappointment

Adding to Tyronia’s frustration was Elon’s cancellation of their plans to attend the Toro Family’s Family Day. Tyronia longed to see her siblings, but the sudden change of plans left her disheartened. Toni expressed her disappointment, saying, “He wants to see his siblings. Whatever the reason is… weeks have passed, and suddenly, they’re not available. If you can’t adjust, then it’s only when we can. It’s just like that, next time.”

The Road to Reconciliation

However, Elon made an effort to make amends towards the end of the vlog. He visited Tyronia’s aunt, Mama Mari, and later went to Toni’s condo, explaining that he needed to be there as their sibling, Papi, was about to give birth. It was during this visit that the vlogger expressed Tyronia’s grievances against her father.

Validating Tyronia’s Emotions

In an attempt to console her daughter, Toni reassured Tyronia that time would heal all wounds. She told her, “It’s just a matter of time, everything will be alright. At first, he didn’t want to see you, Dad. He said he didn’t want to see you; you’re just his sibling. I told him, ‘Accept the love… one thing I can promise you, Tyronia, is that I won’t stop you from feeling what you feel.'” Elon agreed with Toni’s approach, emphasizing the importance of allowing Tyronia to process her emotions.

The Misinterpreted Instagram Story

Toni also recounted an incident where Tyronia burst into tears due to an Instagram story that featured the four family members with the caption “my life.” This led the child to believe that she was being excluded from her father’s life once again.

Desire for Sibling Bonds

Moreover, Tyronia expressed her desire to have a sibling from her mother, fearing that her siblings from her father would be taken away from her. Toni shared Tyronia’s emotional plea, saying, “She cried and cried, ‘I wish you were my dad so I wouldn’t be left behind. I don’t think I can bear not seeing Yna, but I think I can handle it.'”

Gratitude and Commitment

In the vlog, Elon expressed his gratitude to Tito Vince for being a constant presence in Tyronia’s life. He vowed to visit his daughter every weekend, reaffirming his commitment to being an involved father.


Toni Fowler’s vlog sheds light on the challenges faced by separated parents and their children. The emotional journey of Tyronia highlights the importance of open communication and understanding in co-parenting relationships. As the family continues to navigate these complexities, they hope to rebuild trust and foster a harmonious environment for the sake of their children’s well-being.

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