Tomato Mayhem Returns: Derek Ramsay and Chris Hemsworth Team Up for an epic ‘Pare, Pulis Ako’ Recreation

Remember the iconic anti-piracy campaign featuring Derek Ramsay chasing down a movie pirate? Well, brace yourselves, because Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth has joined forces with Ramsay to recreate the Filipino-favorite “Pare, Pulis Ako” video. In an exciting collaboration, Netflix has brought together these two action-packed stars to promote Hemsworth’s recently released blockbuster, Extraction 2. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride as we delve into the thrilling details of this epic ad!

In the action-packed 1:38-minute video, Derek Ramsay takes on the role of a determined cop. The ad begins with Ramsay apprehending a suspicious individual attempting to break into a car within an indoor parking lot. Employing a subtle tap on the culprit’s shoulder, Ramsay expertly reveals his badge, setting the chase into motion.

As the pursuit intensifies, the suspect collides with two unsuspecting women, causing papers and even tomatoes to scatter in every direction. Yes, you read that right—unfortunately, tomatoes weren’t spared in this thrilling ad, as they become unintended victims of the chase, resulting in some juicy collateral damage.

The pursuit ultimately leads Ramsay and the evasive suspect to a hotel room, where the plot thickens. Enter Chris Hemsworth, who plays the room’s occupant. Hemsworth swiftly takes matters into his own hands, expertly subduing the suspect and securing him with handcuffs before Ramsay even has a chance to react.

With the suspect firmly under control, Hemsworth’s character, curious about Ramsay’s identity, poses the question, “Who are you?” In response, Ramsay delivers the unforgettable viral line, “pulis ako,” leaving no room for doubt about his law enforcement credentials.

To witness this electrifying display of action and humor, make sure to check out the “Pare, Pulis Ako” ad featuring Derek Ramsay and Chris Hemsworth on YouTube at the following attachement:

The “Pare, Pulis Ako” ad, once known for its unforgettable impact with Derek Ramsay, has now been elevated to an entirely new level of excitement with the addition of Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth. This collaboration between two action icons not only showcases their remarkable talent but also brings a beloved Filipino campaign to a global audience.

Fans of both actors and enthusiasts of action-packed entertainment will undoubtedly be thrilled by this epic ad, which serves as an enticing promotion for Chris Hemsworth’s highly anticipated film, Extraction 2. So buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating ride as these two dynamic stars demonstrate their incredible on-screen chemistry while upholding justice, one thrilling chase at a time.


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