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Thyroid Cancer Patient tops Forester Licensure Examination 2021


"Lord, this coming board exam, I will only accept topnotcher."

This was the prayer of thyroid cancer patient Keano Reeves Collado before the Forester Licensure Examination (FLE) this month.

Collado graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Caraga State University last August.

In his Facebook post, Collado shared that he has been battling stage 2 thyroid cancer for 4 years.

He said that 5 days after he was diagnosed with the disease, he immediately underwent 13-hour surgery. He could no longer speak after the operation because his vocal cords were affected by tumors.

He was very grateful when he could speak again. It became his way to continue his education and achieve his dreams.

Collado is very grateful to his family for their tireless support and above all to the Lord for answering his prayer.

He said that now that he has passed the exam, he will be able to focus on his recovery.

'Answered prayer': Thyroid cancer patient, Top 10 sa Forester Licensure Examination|ABS-CBN News

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