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Thief, even left dirt in the room after stealing the victim’s belongings


A netizen’s post is now viral after a thief broke into his residence and took his belongings.

Photo credit: Cedie Regalado

Cedie Regalado’s Facebook post went viral quickly not because of the theft that happened to her, but because the thief left shit or dirt in her room.

Cedie shared the photo of the net hole where the thief entered. The photo also includes the nauseating and disgusting stool of the thief.

Cedie got her laptop, cellphone and bluetooth speaker.

The netizen is furious because apart from stealing, he will also clean up the dirt left by the thief.

Photo credit: Cedie Regalado

So far, Cedie’s post has 23k reactions, 5.8k comments and 51k shares.

Here is his full post:

“Waw nakuha mo yung laptop ko, phone ko Bluetooth speaker ko tumae kapa sa kwarto ko, kapal naman ng mukha mo walang hiya amp*ta ako pa nag linis ng tae Moooo ! may Cr naman kami dito jusq, sinira mo pa yung screen namin para makapasok ka dito. guys ingat kayo lagi madaming mag nanakaw ngayon. mga 3:30 Am ito nangyare.”

Photo credit: Cedie Regalado

2019 the said post happened but till now netizens are still sharing and commenting.

REFERENCE/S: Cedie Regalado | Facebook

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