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Teen-actress Francine Diaz gets a hand wave from Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead star Yoon Chan-young


All Of Us Are Jealous!

Francine Diaz just got a message from All Of Us Are Dead star Yoon Chan-young who plays the role of Lee Cheong-san, and we’re all dying of jealousy right now.

While the hit Korean zombie series made fans’ hearts race with its violent and thrilling sequences, it also made hearts racing with the cast’s visuals—including today’s luckiest fangirl Francine Diaz.

On Tuesday, the Kapamilya actress couldn’t contain her emotions as she uploaded a screenshot through her Instagram story of the wave emoji she received from Chan-young, who plays Hyongsan high school student Lee Cheong-san in the Netflix series.

In response to the South Korean actor’s direct message on the photo-sharing app, Francine wrote alongside, “Ikamamatay ko to!!!.”

Minutes thereafter, Francine uploaded Chan-young’s selfie from August of last year on her Instagram stories.

As expected, Pinoy fans flocked to the comments section beneath Chan-post, young’s marveling over Francine’s “sana all” moment and a “pumili ka” statements.

In the hit Korean zombie series, Chan-young plays Lee Cheong-san, alongside Park Ji-hu, Choi Yi-hyun, Lomon, Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, and Lee Jae-hyeok.

The webtoon-based series, which debuted on January 28, presently ranks first among Netflix’s Top 10 shows in the Philippines.

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