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Student in Leyte, Won 20 Million in An International Science Competition


Hillary Diane Andales is a grade 12 student from Tacloban, Leyte. Hillary and her family’s life did not become easy before she achieved success abroad. It will be recalled that in 2013, typhoon Yolanda hit the province of Leyte where the town of Tacloban where Hillary and her family live was most severely affected.

"We had to run up to our double-deck bed because we didn't have a second floor," Hillary said. 

She said they were very scared and her family suffered during typhoon Yolanda because they did not have a second floor so they only relied on the double-deck of their bed.

And when the water reached their double-deck her father was forced to destroy their ceiling so they could cling to the steel from their roof.

“My dad punched the ceiling tapos doon na lang kami sa steel trusses of the roof. We held on those steel trusses for 7 hours until the storm surge subsided,” Hillary added.

Even though the devastating storm hit Hillary and her family it did not hinder her from succeeding in life. Shee improved her education and used her intelligence to participate in a large science competition abroad.

It’s insane to think that Hillary competed with 11,000 entries from 178 countries in the world. Apart from that, this is not just a simple competition but a science competition that can be considered a difficult category.

Because of her unique science project entry “Relativity and the Equivalence of Reference Frames” she was named champion in the International Science Competition Breakthrough Junior Challenge.

Hillary’s science entry is about the creative and simple method of Theory of Relativity in which she uses a cellphone and a pick-up truck to explain it in an easy way that everyone can understand. The purpose of the competition is to honor the smart student who can explain science theory in a simple and uncomplicated way. Hillary did not fail in her science entry where she impressed the jurors with her nice and simple explanation.

The grand prize she took home was 20 million pesos including the award for her teacher and school. Not only did she take home a prize money but she was also given a scholarship grant because of her intelligence that she can use in her college studies.

Hillary is happy with her award abroad because she also did not fully expect that out of 11,000 entries, her science entry will win the grand prize. Today, she is considered the pride of Leyte because of her intelligence in the field of science and her ability to beat 178 countries.

If you think about it, it’s as if Hillary also joined Miss Universe but in the field of scientific intelligence. It’s not a joke but because of her talent and her determination to win she did not fail. Her love for the science subject also helped her a lot because it was the reason for her to continue.

Time has also been important to Hillary, she said she thinks her time is money. Because of the hardship she experienced in life she used her time to learn things and make money from it.

She said "If I don’t think about my time as money, I spend it mindlessly. Hindi ko siya iniisip na valuable siya when in fact it is a limited resource.”

Hillary proved that whatever storm came in life it was not an obstacle to give up and succeed. Proper use of intellect and even combined with determination is one of the ways to rise above adversity and achieve dreams.

Estudyante sa Leyte, Nanalo ng 20 Million sa Isang International Science Competition|Newsthrilla

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