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Student Goes Viral After Wandering Around Wearing School Uniform Due to Boredom


The online community expresses hilarious reactions towards a student who went viral on social media for wandering around wearing a school uniform due to boredom.

Since the emergence of coronavirus illness (COVID-19), governments around the world, including the Philippines, have imposed a lockdown, which prevents businesses and other facilities from operating. Schools that could transmit the infection were also forced to close.

To keep kids from missing school, the country’s education authority opted to establish distance learning. Students have two alternatives in the department: online classes or self-learning modules.

Some students opted for an online class, while others opted for a self-study module. However, some students are becoming bored with studying at home and want the pandemic to end so they can return to face-to-face classes.

This is what pushes a student netizen to make a life-changing decision. On Facebook, a user named JohnPaul Arao received a variety of comments after sharing what he did because he was bored.

Arao’s Facebook post depicts him wandering around in a school uniform because he was bored at home. Arao was dressed in full school uniform with a face mask and face shield, just as face-to-face classes had resumed amid the health issue.

“Sa sobrang boring sa bahay gumala na lang ako ng naka-uniform. Kuyang naka motor: May pasok ka na? Ako: Opo, may sarili po akong face to face classes,” he wrote in his caption.

Wearing a school uniform is also stated to be missed, especially because face-to-face classes are still prohibited owing to the epidemic. However, restricted testing for the gradual resumption of physical classes will begin in November in locations with low COVID-19 incidence.

Student Wandering Around While Wearing School Uniform Elicit Reactions|PhilNews

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