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SC orders Gadon to explain why he should not be disbarred over a profanity-laced video


The Supreme Court has imposed a preventative suspension on controversial lawyer Larry Gadon and ordered him to explain why he should not be disbarred over a profanity-laced video addressed at journalist Raissa Robles, the latest in a long line of disputes in which he has been involved.

On Tuesday, the high court issued a show-cause order for Gadon — a senatorial candidate during the Martial Law era’s Kilusang Bagong Lipunan — to explain why he should not be disbarred for his behavior.

The Supreme Court gave Gadon ten days to file his response, citing “numerous prior controversies leading to the disbarment cases filed” against him, the most recent of which was his viral video directed at Robles, which also included Filipino equivalents of the f-word and a reference to sex with a dog.

The preventative suspension of Gadon is “effective immediately and will endure until relieved by the Court,” according to a statement from the SC Public Information Office.

Within ten days of receiving the resolution, the SC ordered the Office of the Bar Confidant to produce an updated list of pending administrative cases against Gadon.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines was also directed by the high court to submit a status report on Gadon’s administrative cases within 10 days.

The Supreme Court noted that the public has urged for Gadon to be disciplined by the court and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines because his latest video not only insults Robles, but also the legal profession.

Journalists, who are frequently harassed and intimidated by politicians or their supporters, have asked the SC and the IBP to reprimand the “wayward” member of the Bar. While they acknowledged Gadon’s freedom to criticize journalistic statements, they said his “venom and hate” toward Robles “openly violate politeness, respect, and human rights enshrined by the country’s laws.”

It further said the lawyer “had publicly demonstrated the same kind of behavior on previous occasions, for which he is currently facing disbarment accusations before the Court and the IBP.”

The high court, according to the SC PIO, interpreted Gadon’s viral video as a valid administrative case of disbarment against him.

Gadon’s current preventive suspension isn’t the first time the foul-mouthed lawyer has been punished.

The Supreme Court suspended Gadon for three months in 2019 after he made comments about the slowness with which legal remedies are used. He was also fined for using “malicious and arrogant remarks” against the opposing party and her lawyer, according to the PIO.

It was emphasized that Gadon had already been warned by the SC to be more cautious of his actions and avoid from losing his cool and using abusive language.

"Gadon was already warned that a repetition of the same or similar act shall be dealt with more severely. But despite such warning, Gadon has continued to display similarly abhorrent behavior, with the viral video against Robles," it added.

Gadon is also facing a lawsuit for falsely stating that former President Benigno Aquino III had HIV and died from it.

He previously made headlines for cursing and called former Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s followers stupid.

He warned during his election campaign in 2016 that if members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front — a rebel group with whom the government had previously signed a peace pact — do not desire peace, he will “kill them all and destroy their houses.”

Gadon on preventive suspension, risks disbarment over vulgar video|Philippine Star

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