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Sacristan, another ‘suspect’ in the murder of the Maguad siblings


The murders of brothers Crizzle Gwynn and Crizville Louis Maguad are still under investigation.

In a Facebook post by Lovella Maguad, mother of the Maguad siblings, she said a sacristan serving in the church was another alleged suspect in the murder of her minor children.

screenshot from Lovella Orbe Maguad

It will be recalled that one suspect is “Janice” who is now in the custody of DSWD Mlang. According to Lovella, the DSWD is allegedly taking care of the suspect.

“One suspect has been in and out from the DSWD, received psycho social interventions and taken care of by them in more or less 8 years while the other is a sacristan who has been serving the church,” said Lovella in her post.

Lovella is said to be praying for the supporters of Republic Act 9344 or Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 to open their eyes to reality.

“I pray that the proponent of the Juvenile justice law and its supporters, the law itself, rights advocates, politicians who always backing up complaints on disciplinary measures given to children wrongdoings in school and in the community to open their eyes to realities,” Lovella added.

Under the Juvenile Justice Act, perpetrators cannot be held accountable by law when they are under the age of 15.

Lovella added that she sees the “unfairness” of the DSWD in dealing with the suspects and victims who are both minors.

"The scenario we are experiencing right now shows the unfairness of the DSWD in dealing with the suspects and victims who are both minors," she said.
"I saw how they handled with care and protection the suspects leaving my innocent kids alone (inside their coffins)- who didn't savor the privilege of their rights," she added.
"Victims are always victims unless there would be the bravest hearts and impartial sound mind to fight for justice," she said.

Also under Republic Act 9344, children who have committed crimes should be rehabilitated in shelters such as “Bahay Pag-asa” instead of being imprisoned in ordinary jails.

On January 3, 2022, the Maguad couple hopes to get a copy of the suspects ’judicial affidavits on how the minor suspects carried out the murder of the Maguad brothers.

According to Lovella, she has not seen the pictures of her children at the crime scene so she is not sure if she will be able to read or hear the affidavit of the suspects.

“Resumption of work in government offices starts tomorrow, January 3, 2022. My husband and I are expecting to be receiving copies of the two suspects' judicial affidavits illustrating how these two minors brutally killed my two innocent children with discernment perhaps any day from tomorrow , ” she said.
"I haven't seen the picture of my two dearest kids on the crime scene yet and I am not sure if we could bear to read or to listen to these two minors suspected murderers' affidavits," she added.

The crime took place on December 10, 2021 inside the Maguad home.

Sakristan, isa pang ‘suspek’ sa ‘pagpatay’ sa Maguad siblings|Balita.net

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