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Russian journalist, Nobel Prize winner says he’ll donate the medal to fundraise Ukrainian refugees


Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov says he wants to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees by auctioning off his 2021 Nobel Peace Prize medal

Dmitry Muratov, a co-winner of last year’s Nobel Peace Prize, announced on Tuesday that he would donate his Nobel medal to be auctioned off to benefit Ukrainian refugees.

Dmitry Muratov delivering his Nobel Prize lecture at the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony 10 December 2021. © Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Jo Straube.

In response to threats of criminal prosecution of journalists and citizens who disagree with the government’s official line, Muratov’s newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, announced in early March that it would remove material on Russia’s military actions in Ukraine from its website due to censorship.

Muratov published a statement in his paper’s online edition on Tuesday. The statement was issued in three languages — Russian, English and Ukrainian.

“What can we do: To share with refugees, the wounded and children who need urgent treatment what is dear to you and has a value for others,” it read.

“Novaya Gazeta and I have decided to donate the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Medal to the Ukrainian Refugee Fund,” it added. “There are already over 10 million refugees. I ask the auction houses to respond and put up for auction this world-famous award.”

Muratov has taken a critical stance toward the Russian government. He urged Russian people to voice their opposition, when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Muratov and Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper critical of the Kremlin, said five things needed to be done right away: “Stop combat fire, exchange prisoners, release the bodies of the dead, provide humanitarian corridors and assistance, and support refugees.”

Peace laureates Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov showing their Nobel Prize diplomas at the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony at the Oslo City Hall in Norway, 10 December 2021. © Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Jo Straube

Muratov, who won the award jointly with Maria Ressa of the Philippines, co-founder of news site Rappler, dedicated his Nobel prize last year to six of the newspaper’s journalists who had been murdered for their work.

Source: Reuters

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