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Rookie cop, arrested for rape case on a teenager in Laguna


Gen. Dionardo Carlos, the chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), ordered an immediate investigation into the police officer suspected of raping a minor in Laguna on Monday.

In a statement, Carlos said the suspect identified as Pat. John Mari Lontok is now under police custody after he surrendered to the arresting team at around 2 p.m. on Sunday at his residence in Sta. Maria, Laguna.

“This is a very unfortunate report. We will make sure that this will be a fair and speedy investigation,” Carlos said in a statement.

The 18-year-old victim and her family appeared in person at the Sta. The Maria Municipal Police Station was contacted about an alleged rape that occurred on Sunday morning.

The suspect allegedly arrived at the victim’s house and joined them in their drinking session.

However, the victim became drowsy and chose to sleep. When she regained consciousness, she was astounded to discover that her pants and underwear had been removed and that the suspect was already making physical advances.

The adolescent attempted to push him away and seek assistance, but the suspect allegedly threatened to kill her.

Following that, the suspect fled, leaving his bag, which contained his issued firearm and magazines, under the victim’s bed.

An investigation is currently underway to confirm the records of the firearm recovered by investigators.

According to Carlos, the Internal Affairs Service has also launched its own investigation into the case’s administrative aspects.

“We are also asking the witnesses to cooperate in the investigation to shed light on the case,” Carlos said.

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