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Remember the Security Guard Who Graduated Cum Laude? He’s a Teacher Now


Security Guard (SG) Erwin Macua went viral in 2017 for graduating as cum laude from the school he’s been guarding by day for so many years! His story inspired so many people who felt happy to learn that it really is possible to pursue your dreams even if you are years later than schedule.

But many are wondering, where is SG Macua now? Well, aside from the occasional appearance on a coffee ad for Nescafe, this inspiring man is no longer known as SG Macua but as Sir Macua!

Photo credit: Erwin Macua / Cebu Daily News

From being the security guard manning the gates of St. Theresa’s College (STC) in Cebu City to being a student taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in General Education, in that same school, he’s been ‘upgraded’ to the position of teacher. Wow.

He recalled the first day he attending his classes after enrolling in the school’s Education program. Many of his classmates were surprised when he entered the classroom, wearing a plain shirt. They were all used to seeing him at the gate.

Photo credit: Erwin Macua / Cebu Daily News

I was shy to admit that I was their classmate because it was my first day of class. My teachers were also younger than me,” but aside from the curious looks, they would soon give him a big round of applause when the teacher called his name from the roll of students.

Right then, he felt that there was no discrimination from his classmates and teachers. This inspired him to work harder to reach for his dreams.

Sadly, while his wife was supportive of his plans, his eldest son felt angry at first. The young man felt ashamed of his father, but the two would later reconcile as the boy finally understood why his dad was trying his best to go back to school.

Photo credit: Erwin Macua / Cebu Daily News

It was more than just about fulfilling his personal dream but to also provide a better life for his family. He graduated cum laude from his Education course in March 2017 and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in November 2017.

Today, Sir Macua teaches “Araling Panlipunan” and “Work Education” (formerly called Home Economics and Livelihood Education) to Grade 2 students of the school where he used to be a security guard.

Photo credit: Erwin Macua / Cebu Daily News

Many of his students and their parents know that he had once been their school guard. But he is not ashamed to admit that to them.

Yes, I was the security guard. Now, I am your teacher,” he would happily reply to the questions of his curious Grade 2 students.

He added, “There are times when we really have to admonish them. Sometimes we have to talk to them so that we can address their concern. I cannot just let them walk and run around.”

Photo credit: Erwin Macua / Cebu Daily News
Remember the Security Guard Who Graduated Cum Laude? He’s a Teacher Now| BUHAY TEACHER

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