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Regine Velasquez became a mistress three times, Cristy Fermin says


Cristy Fermin revealed on her online show ‘Showbiz Now Na’ that Regine Velasquez was not involved in the third party just once. Fermin claims she witnessed Regine’s involvement with a third party.

She mentioned Velasquez’s involvement in the relationship between Gelli de Bellen and Arel Rivera. Regine was also allegedly involved in Bing Loyzaga and Janno Gibbs’ relationship, despite the fact that the couple was married at the time.

It will be remembered that he was mentioned as a third party in the relationship between Ogie Alcasid and Michelle van Eimeren. Regine expressed her thoughts on this in an episode of Good Life.

Regine stated that she still feels guilty every time she recalls what happened. Michelle and her children, on the other hand, get along well. She has spent time with Ogie’s children on several occasions, and their son is also close to Michelle and her husband.

Regine’s recent joke that she had to be curious about Francine Diaz entertained netizens as well. This was at the height of the controversy involving Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin. Regine has also appeared on Magandang Buhay, a talk show. Netizens were also amused when she was caught wearing only slippers to the taping.

Regine Velasquez, real name Regina Encarnacion Ansong Velasquez-Alcasid, is a well-known singer known as “Asia’s Songbird.” One of her most admired characteristics is her amazing ability to sing on the highest note. In addition to singing, she has acted in several films and is a producer.

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