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Priest who gave Homily for the wedding of his ex-girlfriend went viral


A priest’s vlog garnered reactions where he shared his ex girlfriend’s wedding day.

In Fr. Roniel Sulit’s YouTube channel Fr. Roniel El Haciendero shares a video pertaining to his ex girlfriend who get married and he’s the one who initiated the Homily. Here he shares their past with his ex girlfriend Korina.

However, he clears that “past is past” and he wishes that they will be happily married. He even joke this way “kaya na-late ang paring magkakasal sa kanila ay dahil classmate niya ito.”

Here are some of the netizen’s reactions:

This vlog made my night <33 grabe ang genuine ni Fr. Roniel, i can feel na wala talagang bitterness and they are both happy sa decisions nila in life. best wishes to the newly wedded!! and to father, sana palaging payapa at masaya po ang puso mo. see you around in Lipa Batangas, Father!
I felt the kilig and the kaba. thats the challenge of being a pari yung kaya niang harapin ang past at ikasal yung taong once naging part ng life nia.. so brave! Congrats to the newly wed 
I rarely see priests who have this kind of sense of humor. Nakakatuwa panoorin si Father kasi yung sense of humor niya kita sa personality at pagsasalita niya and this vlog is very light. Ang sarap panoorin. Nakangiti lang ako the whole time. Hehe. Thank you Father! 
Pari, ibinahagi ang video ng kasal ng kanyang ex-girlfriend|

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