Piolo Pascual: From Priesthood Dreams to Horror Role in ‘Mallari’

In a surprising turn of events, acclaimed Filipino actor Piolo Pascual is set to portray a Catholic priest who is also a serial killer in the upcoming horror movie “Mallari.” Directed by Derick Cabrido and produced by Mentorque Productions, the film is generating buzz and is expected to be a potential entry into the prestigious Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2023.

During the media launch of “Mallari” at the Novotel Hotel in Quezon City on June 19, 2023, Piolo shared his childhood experiences and reflections on priests. Having grown up in a Catholic society and attended Catholic school, he spoke about the reverence and respect he held for priests as the heads of their educational institutions.

Recalling his aspirations during his younger years, Piolo confessed that he once dreamed of becoming a priest. At the age of 18, he even attended a seminar called Parish Renewal Experience (PREx) where he expressed his desire to a priest. Piolo revealed, “I wanted to be a priest. I told him, ‘I wish I could just become a priest so that life would be easier.'”

However, fate had other plans for him. As he explored his spirituality further, Piolo considered becoming a pastor instead. Yet, even that path seemed elusive as his pastor encouraged him to pursue his talents in the entertainment industry, stating, “No, we need people like you in the business. Because we need you in the market place.” These experiences ultimately led Piolo to his successful career as an actor rather than a man of the cloth.

Despite his personal religious beliefs, Piolo admitted to being a fan of horror films and the supernatural. He expressed his anticipation for the movie “Mallari” and the magic that cinema can bring to such stories. Although he has never encountered a ghost himself, Piolo maintained an open mind while emphasizing that he would need to see it firsthand before truly believing.

“Mallari” joins a growing roster of horror films currently in production or being developed in the Philippine film industry. Notably, legendary actress Nora Aunor, the country’s National Artist, is working on a horror film, and both Nadine Lustre and Kim Chiu have expressed their eagerness to delve into the genre. Additionally, Regal Entertainment plans to revive the iconic “Shake, Rattle & Roll” trilogy, further fueling the anticipation for Filipino horror cinema.

As Piolo prepares to take on the challenging role of a Catholic priest with a dark secret in “Mallari,” he revealed that he does not have any rituals before starting a horror movie. Instead, he humorously remarked that he simply prays that nothing supernatural happens during the filming. Piolo’s dedication to his craft is evident as he approaches each project with utmost professionalism, understanding the need to move on from one character to the next, even if traces of them remain within him.

For Piolo, the excitement lies in portraying diverse characters and exploring their complexities. Despite the challenges that come with delving into the minds of dark and disturbed individuals, he embraces the responsibility and the privilege of bringing these characters to life on the screen. Once the cameras stop rolling, Piolo knows he must leave the character behind and continue with his other commitments. The thrill of embodying someone different each time is what keeps him passionate about his craft.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Mallari” and Piolo Pascual’s chilling performance, the actor’s versatility and dedication to his roles continue to impress audiences. With his ability to captivate and immerse himself in a character, Piolo’s portrayal of a Catholic priest turned serial killer is bound to send shivers down the viewers’.

Courtesy: PEP.ph

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