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Pinoy crewmember hurt after missile hits cargo ship off Ukraine


A cargo ship owned by a Japanese company was hit by a missile off the coast of Ukraine in the Black Sea on Friday, injuring one crew member, according to a marine transportation firm in western Japan on Saturday, as heavy fighting erupted in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of its former Soviet neighbor.

According to the Imabari, Ehime Prefecture-based corporation, the Panamanian-registered cargo ship Namura Queen was damaged, and one of the 20 Filipino crew members had a non-life threatening shoulder injury.

The ship is self-sufficient and has sailed to Turkey, where the damage to the vessel will be inspected, according to the company.

According to Reuters, Ukrainian authorities say the missile was fired by Russian forces following their armed invasion of Ukraine earlier this week.

The event occurred near a port in the Odessa region of southern Ukraine, in waters that had been cautioned mariners to avoid. The Namura Queen was unaware of the initial warning and was hit by the missile as it attempted to leave the area.

The ship was supposed to dock and load grain at the port.

The Philippine company that operates the ship notified the marine transportation company on Friday evening that the vessel had suffered missile damage.

The impact of Russia’s present military assault against Ukraine on one of its warships has sent the Japanese firm’s workers rushing for information.

An official from a group company related to the corporation who talked to reporters expressed relief that all crewmembers’ lives were not in danger. “We would like to move them to a secure place as soon as possible,” he said.

The official also expressed optimism that tensions in Ukraine will ease as soon as possible so that ships can securely transfer commodities.

Pinoy crewmember hurt after missile hits cargo ship off Ukraine|ABS-CBN

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