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Pinay dairy farmer in New Zealand, earns about P100k per month


It’s a tiring job but it’s worth the hard work because of the size of the salary for being a dairy farmer in New Zealand for the Pinay.

In a report on GMA News “Unang Hirit,” Jennifer Abobo said that her job as a dairy farmer in New Zealand was different from her previous jobs in the Philippines.

Aside from herding cattle, a dairy farmer’s job also includes getting milk from the animals and making sure they are healthy.

According to Abobo, they came to New Zealand in 2015 and they were lucky because their employer was kind.

In New Zealand, Abobo also learned to operate a tractor that was needed for herding cattle.

She also moves the cattle to the “break fence” in an area with fresh grass for the animals to eat.

And from the lawn, she had to support the cows to the place where they would be milked.

"Itong klase ng trabaho na ito laborious po siya. Sobrang nakakapagod pero at the end of the day ang ganda pa rin ng sahod," said Abobo.
"Fulfilling din siya. Kapag baguhan ka dito sa New Sealand nasa 800 to 1000 euro yung sahod mo monthly. Although mahal yung expenses, yung cost of living pero malaki pa rin naman yung natitira," she explained.

According to Abobo, apart from her, she also sends money to the Philippines for her parents.

Abobo also said that there are many other jobs that can be entered in New Zealand. She said the population of cattle and sheep in the country is even more than the people.

Take a look at Abobo’s story where she shows what she does on a daily basis as a dairy farm worker. Watch.


About New Zealand Dairy Farms

In New Zealand, dairy production is major business, and it is the country’s largest export earner. In New Zealand, there are almost as many dairy cows as there are people. Dairy farms can be small or large, with an average of over 400 cows per farm. Some farms contain upwards of 1,500 cows. In 2019, the dairy business employs over 40,000 people, with over 35,000 working on farms.

About working on New Zealand Dairy Farms

The dairy farm in New Zealand will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. As a result, you may need to complete additional training, learn new skills, or obtain additional qualifications. A driver’s license is required for most jobs.

If you are thinking about working on a dairy farm, here are some things you need to know according to NEW ZEALAND NOW website:

  • As well as milking cows, you will have to do many other things around the farm. For example, you may have to:
    • monitor cow health and treat unwell animals
    • measure and monitor the amount of grass and supplementary feed available
    • put up temporary fences
    • use tractors and machinery to feed cows
    • help with calving
    • drive a tractor, motorbike or quad bike
    • feed animals.

You may also be asked to fix mechanical equipment, handle powerful machines, or do welding or engineering and understand the importance of meeting environmental policy.

These are just some of the things dairy farm workers do in New Zealand. It requires physical work, skills, intelligence and initiative.

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