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Photography contest in Taiwan, open to migrant Filipino workers


TAIWAN–The photography contest launched by Pinoy One-Forty, an NGO in Taiwan, is open to Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan. Filipino and Indonesian workers currently working in Taiwan such as caregivers, factory workers, domestic workers, and fishermen can participate.

The organization shared with TFC News the start of their organization in Taiwan that provides value and support to migrant workers in the country including migrant Filipino workers.

“Founded in July 2015 by a group of Taiwanese young people, One-Forty is a non-for-profit organization committed to SEA migrant workers’ empowerment. The reason why we’re called as One-Forty is because back when we first established the organization in 2015, the migrant workers in Taiwan accounted for 1/40 of Taiwan’s population, which meant that in every 40 Taiwanese people, there would be 1 Southeast Asian migrant worker.

We’ve paid attention and taken notice of so many migrant workers who had lived and contributed their lives in Taiwan that have been treated unkindly by Taiwanese people. Therefore, we decided to initiate some projects and ended up establishing the organization, in the hope to decrease social discrimination against migrant workers, ” shared Annie Huang, a Taiwanese and Migrant Empowerment Lead of One-Forty.

Business workshop organized by One-Forty last year

This is the 4th year of the photography contest held annually by Pinoy One-Forty since 2019.

“We have received approximately 2,000 submissions from the previous competitions.

The first competition was held in 2019, as it became an annual competition that we would hold once a year (The second in 2020 and the third one in 2021). We usually would hold two months of competition and submissions, as well as two months of online or offline exhibitions.

The first two competitions were opened for Indonesian migrant workers and we started to open it for Filipino migrant workers in the third year (2021),” said One-Forty Social Media Marketing Officer Shanti Chen, an Indonesian.

2019 Mandarin and Personal Finance Workshop conducted by One-Forty

The purpose of the photography competition is not only to provide a venue for migrant workers to showcase their photography talents but also to deepen the support and understanding of Taiwanese communities in the sacrifice and service provided by the migrant workers.

“To provide a platform for migrant workers to share their talent in photography and storytelling . By presenting the work of awarded migrant workers, we hope that Taiwan society could understand the lives of migrant workers in Taiwan and empathize with migrant workers who are living far away from home…

Through the photography competition, we hope that migrant workers who have been neglected by society for a long time have the opportunity to break through the language barrier and share their stories through photography. In this process of self-expression, migrant workers can also find their voices, build creative confidence, and bring more value to their journey in Taiwan, ” said Pinay Abby Lu who is in-charge of their organization’s Filipino Migrant Empowerment.

Photos with the theme “A Piece of My Life in Taiwan” may be included from May 5 to July 5, 2022. One story per 1 photo and each participant may submit more than 1 entry. The photo must have been taken in Taiwan and the participant must have personally taken the said image as well as the accompanying story, must have been originally experienced by the participant. You can use a cell phone or camera to take pictures.

Participation in the One-Forty photography contest is free for Filipino and Indonesian migrant workers currently working in Taiwan

For those interested in participating and for other details regarding the contest, register online by filling out this Google form where the participant will also upload his/her entry photo/photos and other requirements.

The following prizes await the selected contest winners:

  • 1st Place Award: 30,000 NTD/Php 52756.52
  • 2nd Place Award: 20,000 NTD/Php 35171.02
  • 3rd Place Award: 10,000 NTD/Php 17585.51
  • Merit Award (2 people): Each person will get 5,000 NTD/Php 8792.75
  • Honorable Mention (25 people): Each person will get a lomography camera

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