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Photographer Uses 150K Photos and Reveals the Hidden Colors of the Moon


Astrophotographer, Andrew McCarthy wows the netizens with his stunning photographs. He just compiled a stunning, high-resolution picture of the moon from 50,000 images. While working on that project, he took use of the chance to produce a colorful rendition that highlights the moon’s geological nature. He created an amazing 64-megapixel color shot of the moon by combining color data from 150,000 moon photographs.

This avant-garde image peels back the layers of the moon and reveals its hidden colors, standing in contrast to the more standard image he published.

“The color was already in that picture, hidden behind the glare of the moon’s albedo, and represents the mineral content of our moon,” McCarthy writes.

“While my previous images showed you the detail you could see if your eyes were sharper, this one shows you what the moon could look like if our eyes and brain were much more sensitive to color. The blues denote high titanium content, and oranges represent low titanium content in the basalt.”

Photo by Andrew McCarthy

A geological map of the moon reveals how mineral-rich the lunar environment is. McCarthy’s amazing graphic makes it simple to envision the chemical components found on the moon.

The original image was made by combining photographs taken with two distinct cameras. One photographed the stars, color, and atmospheric haze, while the other chronicled the moon’s surface features and texture.

McCarthy developed a beautiful animation in addition to the high quality shot, which is available for download as an 11 MB JPG and a 23 MB PNG. Here, we see the moon gradually disclosing its color to the rest of the planet. Many of McCarthy’s moonscapes, like this one, are now available as prints through his website.

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