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Philippines ranked first on Pornhub in terms of average time spent per visit


Every year, the Insights team and Pornhub’s statisticians sift through data from billions of visits to see what content defined the year.

Top 20 Countries by Traffic

Once again, the United States continues to be the country with the highest daily traffic to Pornhub, followed by the United Kingdom (+1), which moved ahead of Japan. France (+1), Italy (+2) and Mexico (+4) all had traffic increases which pushed them ahead of Canada (-3), Germany (-2) and the Philippines (-1). Chile (+5) and Colombia (+8) were new to our Top 20 Countries list in 2021.

Collectively the Top 20 countries represent 79% of Pornhub’s daily traffic, so we will be looking more closely at them through this Year in Review.

As per Pornhub Insights, 2021 saw Pornhub’s average visit duration decrease by nearly half a minute to 9 minutes 55 seconds. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone got 29 seconds more efficient at masturbating in 2021, as time on site can reflect many factors including the speed internet in some regions. Our usage trends show it’s more likely that visitors are finding what they want much faster thanks to our handy search algorithm and well-curated category tags.

This year, the Philippines tops the list of the longest lasting countries at 11 minutes 31 seconds. Japan is the only Top 20 country with an increase in viewing time (+12 sec) making it the second longest lasting country at 10 minutes 3 seconds.

Proportion of Female Visitors

2021 saw the proportion of female visitors grow to 35%, an increase of 1 percentage point and +5% growth compared to 2020. Among Pornhub’s top 20 countries, the Philippines, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Ukraine all have greater than 40% female viewership.

The most searched term in the Philippines continues to be ‘pinay’, while several other terms appeared in the top 10 for the first time including ‘korean’ (+9), ‘asian’ (+23) and ‘anime’ (+12). 2021’s trending searches include a +460% increase for ‘threesome pinay’, +345% for ‘hentai anime’ and +316% for ‘Rule 34’. Compared to the rest off the world, visitors from the Philippines are +286% more likely to view the Hentai category, +134% more into Romantic videos and +111% more into Cartoon.

2021 Year in Review|Pornhub Insights

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