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PH Consulate denounces aggravating hate crimes in New York, urging authorities to ‘do more’


NEW YORK — The Philippine Consulate General in New York has condemned the escalating attacks on members of the Filipino community in New York, following the discovery of two new cases of violence against Pinoys.

Two Filipinos—a 73-year-old and 53-year-old—were at the receiving end of the so-called “Asian hate” in Manhattan on two separate occasions.

“The Philippine Consulate General in New York condemns in the strongest terms the latest attacks against members of the Filipino Community after two more kababayan (fellowmen) have been added to the growing list of victims of the senseless violence that has left many Filipinos in fear,” the consulate general’s post read.

After a 67-year-old woman was brutally attacked and punched 125 times in Yonkers, New York, another elderly Filipino was assaulted on his way to church in Manhattan on Sunday. The 73-year-old man was allegedly assaulted by a homeless person between 8th Avenue and 40th Street in New York City.

The 73-year-old man was tackled to the ground in an apparent attempt to steal his wallet, according to video. He had black and swollen eyes, as well as bruises all over his body. While authorities did not label the attack a hate crime, the victim claims he heard a racial slur.

According to the Consulate, the recent assaults followed the “brutal attack” against a 67-year-old Filipino woman in Yonkers, New York two weeks ago.

Earlier this week, a 53-year-old Filipino was beaten unconscious and robbed at a McDonald’s on 7th Avenue near 34th Street by another homeless person.

Since last year, 34 anti-Asian hate incidents and criminal violence involving Filipinos have been reported in New York. This year, seven of them occurred.

“In view of this, the Philippine Consulate General in New York again reminds kababayan to be vigilant at all times and to take the necessary precautions, especially when in public,” the post read.

With this, the Philippine Consulate General urged authorities to address the issue and make New York’s streets safe for migrants once more.

“The Consulate again calls on authorities to do more to make sure that New York City is safe again for everyone by removing dangerous individuals, especially those with criminal records, from the streets and addressing concerns related to homelessness and mental health,” the Consulate said.

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