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PH Air Force initiates ‘Sanay Sibat’ air combat exercise


The Philippine Air Force’s 5th Fighter Wing conducted its annual air combat exercise “Sanay Sibat 2022-1” from February 22 to March 5, 2022.

The skills of the 580th Aircraft Controller and Warning Wing’s air weapons controllers, the “eyes and ears” of air defense, are another critical component of this exercise. In terms of performance with the fighter pilots, the command and control with the Air Battle Managers has been flawless.

“This recent exercise displayed the expected professional competence of all the players and the great performance from the air weapons controllers. They managed not only air to air assets but also strike assets simultaneously. Can’t wait for them to be on an airborne command and control aircraft and controlling “large force” package of our Fighters,” said one of the Senior Pilots.

The said intense exercise is designed to instill confidence and integrate leadership and warfighter culture into a warfighter culture capable of operating both in the air and on the ground.

The air combat exercise was also held to prepare PAF Fighter Pilots for the operation of the Multirole Fighter Aircraft that will be acquired in the near future.

Sanay Sibat allows PAF units and operators from the 5th Fighter Wing to evaluate doctrine, tactics, and desired tactical readiness in terms of capabilities. This was a two-week intensive air-to-air and air-to-ground exercise emphasizing the mission sets that the 5FW is expected to perform and provide for both the Air Defense requirement and other employment considerations.

Sanay Sanay Sibat 2022-1 was an improvement over previous exercises of this type since 2018. Using what we’ve learned from collaborating with other security partners and allies to improve our operations, this year’s Sanay Sibat focused on defensive and offensive counterair techniques, executing best tactics, and dynamic coordination between capability packages, as well as integrating these capabilities to achieve desired effects in a simulated battlespace.

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