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Paro Paro G: Meet the man behind the famous high-flying TikTok trend


With 4.3 million videos using the catchy tune uploaded on TikTok, the “Paro Paro G” craze has clearly become a worldwide sensation. And to think it was just a month ago that it was floating around the internet.

A quick TikTok search reveals that Filipinos are not the only ones who have caught the “Paro Paro G” bug. The “butterfly” has landed in a variety of locations throughout the world, including Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Cambodia, the United States, and Moscow.

On a plane, at the police station, in the classroom, in corporate offices, in parking lots, on sidewalks, on a ship, at the beach, and on “It’s Showtime,” people of all ages and professions are doing the butterfly hand sign.

It’s so popular that recently retired Comelec commissioner Rowena Guanzon had to ask about it on Facebook: “What is Paro Paro G? hahahahahaha”

To answer her query, it’s the dancing craze that was inspired by a viral meme. The dance track belongs to the budots music and dance genre, which originated in Davao City and is credited with catapulting Rodrigo Duterte to the presidency and Ramon “Bong” Revilla back to the senate following his prison sentence. The song is distinguished by exciting, danceable, repeating electronic beats, which explains why it becomes stuck in your mind after a few listens.

An 18-year-old DJ from Northern Samar is the man behind the now-viral “Paro Paro G” song. Sandy Oliverio, also known as djsandyremix on TikTok, is his name.

DJ Sandy has been remixing music for nearly five years. He’s a second-year BS Criminology student who learned to make remixes using a laptop borrowed from his older brother. “Nag-download ako ng mga apps na panggawa ng music, tapos inaral ko,” he tells ANCX.

DJ Sandy claims he made the “Paro Paro G” remix after seeing Boss Seth’s TikTok tweets, who was already popular as the leader of the frat parody Paro Paro G at the time. “Nakita ko yung vids na may binabasbasan siya,” laughs the DJ.

Producing novelty tracks inspired by strange topics is a DJ Sandy thing, so experimenting with Paro Paro G was right up his alley, according to the remix artist.

“Kalokohan lang. Boring kasi dito sa bahay. Wala akong magawa kaya yun ang napag-tripan kong gawan ng remix,” he says laughing. He did everything himself—from the beat, the lyrics, and that Yoyoy Villame-like voice chanting “Ply, ply bater-plaaay.” He finished creating the three-minute track in almost five hours. He never imagined the bater-plaaaay would actually fly. And then soar.

DJ Sandy released his “Paro Paro G video” on YouTube on January 21, but it did not receive the attention he desired. Sandy’s brother then suggested he post it on TikTok, which is the 18-second version that has been circulating all over the internet lately. When TikTokers began to pick up the song and upload their dance videos, Paro Paro G became a major hit.

The teenage DJ believes he simply got lucky when he launched the music. “Siguro natiyambahan ko na nagandahan ko ang remix tapos nasabayan ko ng Paro Paro G [ni Boss Seth],” he explains. The beat is undeniably danceable and enjoyable to listen to, and it would go well with any freestyle dance moves.

Paro Paro G: Meet the guys behind the high-flying TikTok trend reaching global popularity|ABS-CBN

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