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Pakistani student has built a device for blind people to see the world


Vision is a gift. It is beneficial to witness the wonderful colors and shapes found in nature. If you lose your vision, you lose a chunk of your senses. However, among persons who have lost one of their senses, their remaining senses are much more strengthened.

Everyone has the right to have access to basic necessities of existence. It is usually fine for normal individuals, but persons with disabilities have trouble accessing normal things in life. They are self-sufficient with just a little assistance. It is preferable to provide actual solutions rather than simply sympathizing in order to help them improve in life.

Muhammad Ahmed created a smart cap as part of his final year project last year. The cap features two 2.5-meter-long sensors that alert the wearer to vibrations. The vibrations aid in the removal of barriers, impediments, and directions. He had asked the government for assistance so that it might be offered free of charge to blind people.

Moreover, Hafsa Jamal of Peshawar created ‘Sonic eye’ for persons who are blind, partially blind, colorblind, or have complex eye disorders. It is a white stick connected to a navigation system. The sensors warn the user of any close obstacles.

Interestingly, Mohammad Hamza Khan has recently created the ‘In Vision Eye Device.’ It will assist blind individuals in recognizing anything. He claimed that a blind person might wear the device around his neck and it would alert him to what was going on around him.

If you have a sofa in front of you, for example, it will indicate that you have a sofa in front of you. If there is a chair, it will tell you about the chair, so that if there is anything, it will detect it and inform you in the form of sound.

Mohammad Hamza Khan said that he felt that it is necessary to have an assistant with a blind person, but after these vision eye devices, the blind individual will no longer need an assistant.

It’s light, you can wear it anyplace, and it has a wonderful backup battery that lasts 8 to 10 hours.

He stated that it took 6 to 7 months to complete and cost roughly Rs.55,000. “I think it will cost around Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 if it is brought to market,” he said. He said that after wearing it, the blind individual will no longer require the assistance of others.

Such devices will aid in the independence of people with disabilities. They are not required to sit and wait for assistance anymore.

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