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Pakistani police wants to ban PUBG after teen massacred family


The Pakistani police have called for the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to be banned after a teenager allegedly admitted to killing his family because of the game.

According to investigators, the teen shot and killed his mother, brother, and two sisters on January 18, citing PUBG as the catalyst for his actions.

Imran Kishwar, a police investigator from eastern Lahore, stated that “this is not the first incident of its kind,” which led them to urge that the game be banned.

PUBG is one of many multiplayer online battle royale games which were previously available on PC and consoles before being made available on smartphones.

The 18-year-old suspect is claimed to have been living in full solitude within his room and was evidently hooked to PUBG. According to a Lahore police officer, the man “fired at his family thinking they will also come back to life, as happened in the game.”

The telecom officials appear to have received so many complaints about PUBG’s violent content that they briefly restricted access to the game.

Pakistan is not the only country that has pushed for the game’s abolition, either permanently or temporarily, as China and India have done as well.

Pakistani police wants to ban PUBG after teen massacred family|ABS-CBN

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