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Over 5,000 planets are found outside of our solar system, NASA


  • More than 5,000 planets are now confirmed to exist beyond our solar system, NASA says.
  • These exoplanets, so called because they are beyond our galaxy, have a variety of types.
  • With new investigative tools such as the James Webb Space Telescope, scientists hope to learn whether some planets are habitable.

The universe is officially crowded with plenty of strange, new worlds to explore.

NASA has discovered over 5,000 planets outside of our solar system, but so far, Earth appears to be the only one with suitable conditions for human life.

NASA announced the discovery of 5,005 exoplanets – planets outside our solar system. The vast majority are located in a very small region outside of our galaxy, the Milky Way. NASA defines “small” as being within thousands of light-years. A light year is equal to 5.88 trillion miles.

The closest known exoplanet to Earth, Proxima Centauri b, is about four light-years away.

NASA has been studying exoplanets for 30 years, and despite the fact that the number has surpassed 5,000, Earth is the only planet known to NASA to have life on it – so far.

“Scientists are searching the galaxy for planets similar to Earth, and signs of life,” NASA says.

“As we see on Earth, life can adapt to conditions that human beings would consider very harsh,” such as temperature, radiation, salinity, acidity and aridity. It may be possible that life has started on other worlds and adapted to conditions quite alien to what we are used to.”

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope assisted scientists in discovering that the galaxy contains more planets than stars, and the administration is working to learn everything it can about the exoplanets’ “weirdness, variety, and all the fascinating things they can tell us about how planets form and develop.”

There are 8,709 exoplanet candidates that need to be studied further to see if they are real.

If a person ever goes to an exoplanet, NASA says it won’t be anytime soon because it would be a massive distance to travel. However, NASA has proposed that a robot, similar to the rovers on Mars, could visit an exoplanet in the far future.

“Today, NASA is concentrating on the steps to get humans to Mars, which is our next-door neighbor,” NASA says.

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