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OnlyFans content creator Titus Low faces new charges for uploading X-rated photos, videos


SINGAPORE – Titus Low Kaide, 22, was charged on Thursday, February 17, with uploading pornographic content to the online platform OnlyFans.

According to the charge sheets, he is accused of uploading 20 sexually explicit photos and 14 porn videos to the platform between November 14 and December 27, last year.

He was also charged with failing to comply with an order issued to him on October 11 of last year, which barred him from accessing or using his OnlyFans account. Low allegedly accessed his account in November of last year using the username “tituslow22.”

Low now faces five charges in total, including two earlier charges of uploading obscene materials and one of failing to comply with the order not to use his OnlyFans account.

Kirpal Singh of Kirpal & Associates, his lawyer, requested time to make representations on his client’s behalf. The case will be heard again in March.

Titus Low Kaide (right) arriving at the State Courts on Feb 17, 2022. FILE PHOTO

The 22-year-old Singaporean, who appeared in court in person and was dressed in a striped long-sleeved shirt, was charged with transmitting obscene materials electronically and failing to comply with an order prohibiting him from accessing his OnlyFans account.

Low is thought to be Singapore’s first OnlyFans content creator to be prosecuted for transmitting obscene materials on the platform.

OnlyFans members can share adult content.

Low, who currently has 209 posts and 338 media files on his account, charges a $20 monthly subscription fee for his content.

Low was arrested in December of last year. On September 4, last year, police received a report that a man had allegedly transmitted “obscene materials in the form of images and videos of his private parts” on his OnlyFans account.

His case has raised concerns about the legality of uploading and subscribing to adult content on the popular London-based online platform.

The offence of transmitting obscene material electronically carries a jail term of up to three months, a fine, or both.

If found guilty of failing to comply with the order not to access his OnlyFans account, Low can be jailed for up to six months, fined up to S$5,000, or both.

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