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Once a Garbage Collector, now a Valedictorian in Australia


Sophy Ron could not have imagined that she would be able to complete her studies at a university in Australia and not just graduate but also finished as a Valedictorian at their school.

Despite all her successes, Sophy Ron can’t deny that she used to litter in the mountains of garbage back then, with her friends and even her parents who were poor and she’s already aware of the reality of life.

As a child, Sophy probably had a small dream in life – to survive in poverty and finish school. Her story shared that the Combodian Children’s Fund or “CCF” helped her to continue her education and saw her talent in learning and can really also see in her that she has a dream to get done.

Until she got to a well–known university and received a Fully Scholarship with the help of CCF and here she overcame all the hardships and sacrifices

In her speech Sophy shared her experience "I didn't realize it was smelly, I didn't realize it was dirty, I slept there, I ate there, I did everything there, so it became my home."

She will never forget someone who approached her as a member of the CCF if he wanted to go to school.

"He asked me whether I wanted to study English, and at that time I had no idea what English was, I ran home feeling happy because he promised he would take me to school."

And this is where a part of her life began that finally changed. The Lord is good to people who have dreams. They say, “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”

Namamasura noon, Nakapag tapos bilang Valedictorian ngayon sa Australia|wearepinoy

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