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NTMA Cadet Application for A.Y 2022-2023


The partnership of Nippon Yusen Kaisha or NYK Line of Japan, one of the world’s oldest and largest shipping companies founded in 1885, and the Transnational Diversified Group (TDG), a Filipino-owned business conglomerate established in 1976 has spanned decades of solid relationship. This evolved into different businesses such as shipping, ship crewing, logistics, and back office operations, among others. The ship crewing business of NYK Line and TDG is being managed by NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc. (NYK-FIL) which to date, is considered as the major supplier of highly qualified officers and crew to NYK Line vessels.

NYK-FIL, in its mission to consistently provide quality officers for NYK Line vessels, proposed the establishment of a maritime school in 2005 which gave birth to NYK-Transnational Institute Foundation, Inc. (NTIF). NTIF is the owner of NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA), a maritime school duly approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in 2006.

NTMA offers financial aid scheme to underprivileged yet deserving Cadets to ensure that no Cadet is denied admission to the Academy due to financial reasons.

The Study Now Pay Later Program has been implemented since 2007 and is a Student Loan Assistance Fund (SLAF) of the NYK-Transnational Institute Foundation, Inc. (NTIF) that is available to all Cadets of NTMA. Under this Program, Cadets may avail of financial support to cover tuition, miscellaneous, board and lodging fees while studying in NTMA.

Payment is through salary deduction and begins upon deployment as a regular officer onboard an NYK vessel.

The quality of NTMA’s maritime education is customized to ensure that Cadets acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for them to be successful Marine Deck and Engine Officers. NTMA offers baccalaureate degrees in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering.

The Academy implements the 3 -1 Curriculum where the first three (3) years are spent in the Campus and one (1) year onboard training. Training onboard ships is a pre-requisite to graduation in accordance with 1978 STCW Convention, as amended, and the policies and standards of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). During the onboard training, three (3) months are conducted onboard NYK Line training ships and nine (9) months onboard regular vessels of NYK Line.

Admission Requirements

Who can APPLY to take the NTMA Entrance Examination for Class 2026 (AY 2022-2023)

  1. Senior high school student expecting to graduate at the end of SY 2021-2022 from a high school accredited by the Department of Education; or
  2. Senior high school graduate last SY 2020-2021 or previous years; or
  3. Enrolled in college or university accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  4. Filipino, male, single
  5. Not more than 22 years old by September 2022

Important Reminders

  1. The NTMAEE is free.
  2. Applicants may only take the NTMAEE once in an Academic Year.
  3. NTMA will pre-qualify applicants to take the NTMAEE based on its internal selection criteria (See Admission Requirements)
  4. Pre-qualified applicants shall be informed with further instructions via their declared email address in the Application Form
  5. Deadline of submission of Application Forms shall be announced via the NTMA Facebook page
  6. Applicants must NOT be color-blind. The Ishihara Test will be administered by NTMA’s accredited medical clinic to NTMAEE passers qualified by NTMA (Have an initial assessment, CLICK to take Ishihara Test)
  7. Read the NTMA Application Form Data Privacy Consent

Admission Requirements

  1. Filipino, Male and Single
  2. Senior High School Graduate or College level upon enrollment
  3. Not more than 22 years of age upon enrollment
  4. At least 5’2” in height and weighs 45-61 kgs
  5. Passed the NTMA Recruitment and Selection requirements that include the following:
    • Entrance Exam Result
    • Declared fit in Medical, Dental, Eye, Audio, and Neuro Psychological Examinations. Must not be color blind.
    • Attend Pre-Enrollment Briefing
    • Attend Leadership Camp

Guidelines for smooth submission of your Application Form:

A. Access

  • Go to ADMISSION at upper portion of the site. It is best to visit and read the FAQs first.
  • Still on ADMISSION, click Admission Requirements.
  • Take time to read the information to see if you are eligible to apply to take the NTMA Entrance Examination (NTMAEE). There’s also Important Reminders about the NTMAEE that you should take note.
  • Click Apply Now. This will direct you to creating an applicant account.

B. Creating an Applicant Account

  • Fill out the box that says SIGN-UP. Create your UserName and Password. Provide your email address. Be reminded to put everything down on paper so you won’t forget these details
  • Log-in to your declared email account to activate your Applicant account (by confirming your email). This will direct you the LOG-IN page of the Online Application.
  • Log-in using your declared email address and password.
  • DO NOT CREATE DOUBLE OR MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS as this may be a source of problem later on.
  • Prepare an ID size colored photo with white background, in .jpg or .png extension, and within 3mb size


REFERENCE/S: NYK-TDG Maritime Academy

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