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MUPH’s Luggage goes MISSING in Jerusalem


Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s suitcase was misplaced upon her arrival in Jerusalem, causing the Miss Universe candidate wardrobe problems.

MUPH communications director Voltaire Tayag responded to some fans’ criticisms of Gomez’s outfit during her photo with Thailand’s Miss Universe representative, Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Filipina beauty queen wore a tracksuit on her first day in Jerusalem.

“When she (Gomez) collected them at the Ben Gurion airport, all were accounted for,” Tayag said, referring to the international airport in Israel. 

“But when she got to Jerusalem, one suitcase was missing and not taken to her room. It has been reported but still has not been found,” he added.

Gomez only went out to the hotel lobby to see if her missing suitcase had arrived, Tayag reasoned.

He explained Gomez’s outfit by claiming that there were no Miss Universe candidates scheduled activities at the time and that Scott-Kemmis happened to be in the area.

When Tayag requested a photo with Scott-Kemmis, Gomez graciously agreed, according to Tayag.

“I hope that before anyone jumps to conclusions, blames people, throw out negativity, know that there is usually a plausible explanation. Whether or not that is given, it does not give anyone the right to be toxic or accusatory. And up to now, one of Bea’s suitcases has not been returned to her,” he said.

Gomez still has several outfits to wear for the events leading up to the coronation night on December 12, according to Tayag.

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