Marco Gumabao Reveals Crush-Turned-Girlfriend Cristine Reyes: A Perfect Love Story

Love can blossom unexpectedly, and for actor Marco Gumabao, his crush from the past has become his current girlfriend. The celebrity couple recently participated in actress Bea Alonzo’s “Lie Detector Test” YouTube vlog, where they were questioned about their relationship, revealing intriguing details about their journey together.

During the interview, Bea Alonzo asked Marco if he had a crush on Cristine before they met. Without hesitation, Marco confessed, “Yes. I had a crush on her even before we met.” He fondly recalled how he would always mention Cristine whenever someone asked about his crushes.

Adding to the conversation, Cristine admitted that Marco was her youngest date and boyfriend. Clearly elated, the actress described Marco as a perfect boyfriend, highlighting his exceptional understanding. She expressed her disbelief at his maturity, given his age.

When asked who said “I love you” first, Marco immediately revealed that he was the one to express his love for Cristine. The special moment occurred during their vacation in Siargao. Recalling the memory, Marco said, “We were in Siargao. I had wanted to say it for a long time, but I was waiting for the right moment.”

Amidst the heartwarming confessions, Marco playfully exposed Cristine’s jealousy. Bea inquired, “Is Aa [Cristine] jealous?” Marco chuckled and replied, “Yes.” However, Cristine defended herself, asserting that her jealousy was reasonable and well-placed. Marco agreed, assuring that he promptly reassures her whenever she feels jealous.

It was in April when the celebrity couple made their relationship official on Instagram. However, rumors of their romance had been circulating for some time, as they were frequently spotted together in various locations.

Marco Gumabao and Cristine Reyes’ love story is a testament to the unpredictable nature of love. From having a crush to becoming partners, their journey showcases the beauty of unexpected connections and the joy of finding a perfect match. As fans eagerly follow their relationship, Marco and Cristine continue to captivate audiences with their genuine affection and undeniable chemistry.

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