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Mandaue City Gov’t to Auction Impounded Vehicles ‘Within this Year’


The Mandaue City Government plans to hold an auction of the impounded vehicles later this year.

Edwin Jumao-as, officer-in-charge of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (TEAM), said about 853 motorcycles, 56 four-wheel vehicles, 15 tricycles, and six-wheeler trucks have so far been impounded since 2015.

According to Jumao-as, they have already begun segregating unclaimed vehicles that have been impounded for more than six months in order to identify those that can still be used.

Under city ordinance, if owners of impounded vehicles do not claim their vehicles within six months, the city government has the right to auction the vehicles, Jumao-as said.

According to Jumao-as, the most common reason for vehicles being impounded was the owners’ failure to present their driver’s licenses and valid registrations.

As per the Cebu Daily News, on Wednesday afternoon, March 9, City Councilor Jimmy Lumapas, chairman of the transportation committee, and the TEAM, among others, held a preliminary meeting for the guidelines for the public auction of impounded vehicles.

Lumapas stated that this would be done to relieve congestion in the TEAM’s impounding area. He is encouraging owners of impounded vehicles to claim their vehicles as soon as possible.

According to the ordinance, owners of impounded vehicles from January to December 2020 will receive a 50% discount on storage fees, a 20% discount on impounded vehicles from 2018 to 2019, and a 30% discount on impounded vehicles from 2015 to 2017.

Furthermore, Jumao-as stated that the Department of General Services recommended yesterday that all usable unclaimed vehicles be auctioned off because transferring ownership to the city government would be difficult and time-consuming.

Per the city’s Public Towing and Impounding Ordinance of 2020, some of the usable impounded vehicles should be donated to barangays and government offices in addition to those that will be auctioned off publicly.

It can be recalled that in the middle of last year, the city government gave discounts on the accumulated storage fee through Lumapas’ amnesty ordinance, but only about ten people claimed their impounded vehicles.

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