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Man in Italy Tries to Get Vaccinated in a Fake Arm


According to an official, an Italian man who wanted a coronavirus vaccine certificate but didn’t have the vaccine tried to game the system by presenting health workers with a fake arm.

Nobody was fooled by the silicone limb, despite the realistic skin color, and the man— in his 50s— was reported to local police after the incident on Thursday night in Biella, northwest Italy.

"The case borders on the ridiculous, if it were not for the fact we are talking about a gesture of enormous gravity," the head of the Piedmont regional government, Albert Cirio, said in a statement on Facebook.

He called such an act “unacceptable” in light of the sacrifices made by our entire community during the pandemic in terms of human lives, as well as the social and economic costs.

The fake arm incident occurs just days before Italy tightens its rules for people who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Since August, indoor dining in restaurants, visits to museums, cinemas, theaters, and sporting events have required a “Green Pass” showing proof of vaccination, recent recovery from coronavirus, or a negative test.

However, as of December 6, these activities will be restricted to those who have a “Super Green Pass,” which will be available only to those who have been vaccinated or have recently had COVID-19.

The old Green Pass was extended in October to cover all workplaces and remains valid for this purpose, allowing the unvaccinated to continue working by presenting a recent negative test.

The new restrictions, which have sparked small protests in city centers across Italy on most weekends, were imposed in response to an increase in COVID-19 cases, which has been exacerbated in recent days by concerns about the new variant Omicron.

Italy was the first country in Europe to be hit by the pandemic in early 2020, but it is currently doing better than many of its neighbors.

On Thursday, there had been 16,800 new cases reported in the previous 24 hours, with 72 deaths.

Almost 85 percent of the eligible population (those over the age of 12) is already fully vaccinated, and the option of a booster dose was extended to all adults this week.

Italian tries to dodge COVID-19 shot using fake arm|ABS-CBN News

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