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Man admired for having 5 professional licenses


Netizens admired a 50 -year -old man from Bicol because not only 1 but 5 hold his professional license.

Apollo Pablo Zantua’s post recently went viral on Facebook, where he recounted his renewal of his 5 licenses with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

This includes licenses to be a civil engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, master plumber, and professional teacher.

The PRC guard could not believe at first that Zantua would renew the licenses at the same time.

According to Zantua, electrical engineering was his first course at Bicol University.

After that, he studied engineering, majoring in production mechanical engineering in Japan as a scholar.

When he returned to the Philippines and took the board exam for mechanical engineering, he was not allowed because he did not graduate from the country.

He said there is no reciprocity between the Philippines and Japan so he asked for recognition for his degree from the Commission on Higher Education.

Three recognitions were given to Zantua: as a mechanical and industrial engineer, and teacher.

He did not take the board exam first and instead re-studied the civil engineering course, which he had only completed two years ago due to the units he had already completed.

It was 2017 when he applied for the board exams and he passed four board exams in six months.

According to Zantua, he was not an honor student at the school when he was young.

"Baka valedictorian ito noon, baka puro honor ito noon. I am not an honor student. I always tell my students na ang college ay hindi patalinuhan pero 'yan ay determinasyon at sipag. Kung gusto mo kahit anong hirap ay gagawan mo ng paraan," 

Zantua now teaches mechanical, civil, electrical engineering, and plumbing at Taguig City University. He also does field work so he can use all his licenses.

Lalaking taga-Bicol hinangaan sa pagkakaroon ng 5 professional license|ABS-CBN

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