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Malaysian Actor Shows Off His 18cm Penis After Someone Doubted Him


KUALA LUMPUR – With his superb features and stunning charisma, Malaysian-born actor Hero Tai, or Tai Zu Xiong, has always been a heartthrob. He has, however, endeared himself even more to fans by being quite candid with them. Some would even say he overshares.

Hero has no problems answering any question, regardless of its rating. He has addressed all of his questions, whether they are about his endowment or his tastes. However, there will always be skeptics. Recently, the actor made considerable efforts to demonstrate to his followers that he was gifted.

Photo: Instagram/@herotai_official

Hero has previously stated that he is 18cm tall. Although he provided a quick video of it tenting his pants as proof, it was clearly insufficient for some. Recently, during another Instagram Q&A session, the question “Is your 18cm real?” was asked. Hero, unsurprisingly, rose to the occasion.

As proof, he posted a snapshot on his Instagram story. Hero was dressed in grey sweatpants at the moment, and a hand was spotted groping his private parts. Most people believe the hand belongs to a lady. An apparent protrusion could be observed inside her grasp. “Would you be happier if you say it’s fake?” he teased.

Although some fans were ecstatic by the obvious show, others were less than thrilled. The artist later stated that he received both acclaim and criticism. Hero explained that he intended to respond to his admirer in a lighthearted manner with the photo, but didn’t realize it would be unsuitable for public viewing. “I solemnly apologise to everyone,” he wrote. He further stated that the hand in the shot belonged to a friend. It seems to have been part of a punishment for a game.

Photo: Instagram/@herotai_official (SCREENGRAB)

Fans may not be able to view the photo anymore, but they’re free to ogle at Hero in his book, “Be My Hero (戴祖雄Hero)”. His photobook showcases his sculpted body and has plenty of thirst traps for fans.

You likely won’t get an eyeful of his endowment again, but we suppose it isn’t necessary anymore. Hero may love joking around with his fans, but he certainly isn’t compensating for anything!

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