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DYK: 7 inches? Man in history with a nose longer than the average erect penis


Have you ever thought what it would be like if something that is naturally a part of your body could break a world record?

You may have grown accustomed to that body part, but for others, it may be a strange sight. Well, a Yorkshireman who has gone down in history as having the world’s longest nose.

Despite living in the 1700s, Thomas Wedders holds the world record for the longest human nose ever recorded.

This man, who was also known as Thomas Wadhouse was a circus performer from Yorkshire who lived in the 18th century. His party trick was that his nose was allegedly absolutely huge. This is what continues to bring him fame even now after centuries.

Wedders was mocked for his oversized bugle, but instead chose to make money by performing in circus freak shows.

The life-sized waxwork of his head is on display at London’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not attraction in Piccadilly Circus.

A full-length life-sized waxwork of Grace MacDaniels, a woman from Numa, Iowa, USA, who was born in 1888 and was widely regarded as the ugliest woman who ever lived, is also on display.

She was known as the ‘Mule-Faced Woman,’ and she made a living as part of a traveling circus freak show.

Despite her disfigurement, she had a charming personality.

Regardless of the fact that many in the audience would faint if they saw her, she received a number of marriage proposals before accepting one and giving birth to a perfectly healthy boy.

Meanwhile, Mehmet zyürek, a Turkish man, has the world’s longest nose, alive.

The 72-year-old man has a magnificent appendage. Sure, there may be others with longer noses out there, but they’ve never made themselves known to Guinness World Records, and they’ve certainly never made themselves available to have their nose measured on TV for all to see.

Zyürek, on the other hand, did exactly this in 2010.

He went on an Italian TV show called Lo Show Dei Record – which shouldn’t be too difficult to translate – in Rome to have his enormous nose timed by professionals. They measured his enormous nose at a whopping 8.8 centimetres (3.46 inches), which, as you may know, is a living person record.

As the nose is one of the few body parts – alongside the ears – that continues to grow as we age, there’s a good chance that a further measurement 11 years later would find that he’s only extended his record.

To be fair, Guinness World Records has even awarded a posthumous record for World’s Largest Nose to Wadders, and a wax reproduction of his head is in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum. Wedders died aged around 50 or 52 in Yorkshire, but the notoriety of his famous nose lives on to this day.

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