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Lone American hacker took down North Korea’s entire internet


  • A lone US hacker is claiming responsibility for crippling North Korea’s internet in recent weeks.
  • The hacker was bent on revenge after being targeted by a North Korean cyberattack, Wired reported.
  • Some experts have said the outages may have been caused a distributed denial-of-service attack.

An American hacker seeking revenge claimed responsibility for the removal of North Korea’s state-run websites from the internet.

North Korea appeared to vanish from the internet a few weeks ago. Many people assumed this was the work of another country’s government. It turns out that everything was orchestrated by a single man. P4X is the alias of a pseudonymous freelance hacker.

According to Wired, the hacker P4X was responsible for a series of strikes that brought North Korea’s internet to a halt. After being targeted by some of the country’s hackers earlier this year, he decided to take on the communist dictatorship.

The hacker claims he was a victim of a North Korean cyberattack targeting security researchers in 2021. He expressed dissatisfaction with both the attack and the fact that the country suffered virtually no penalties from the US following the event.

He decided to take matters into his own hands after being dissatisfied with the absence of a visible response from the US government. To carry out his attack, he exploited vulnerabilities in the totalitarian nation’s networks.

He carried out “denial-of-service” attacks on servers and routers that serve as the backbone of North Korea’s internet network. He took down the whole network of the country in a matter of hours.

North Korea only has a few dozen websites. Because most individuals did not have internet access, they were unaware of the attack.

According to P4x, the North Koreans attempted to steal tools and find software weaknesses, but he claims they got away with very little information by the end of the attack.

P4x stated that he wanted them to “understand that if you come at us, it implies that some of your infrastructure would be down for a while.”

“It felt like the right thing to do here, if they don’t see we have teeth, it’s just going to keep coming,” the hacker told Wired.

The hacker displayed his work for Wired, providing enough material to corroborate his involvement in the North Korean strikes. He refused to explain the specific vulnerabilities he exploited in North Korea’s internet infrastructure to bring the country’s internet down.

P4x said it was “pretty interesting how easy it was to actually have some effect in there.”

He said that the attacks were mostly automated, allowing him to monitor their progress while watching TV and consuming snacks.

P4x has also created the FUNK Project, commonly known as the FU North Korea project, on the dark web. He is looking for more hacktivists with the necessary ability and bravery to join his cause.

While the hacks presumably irritated the North Korean authorities, they had little impact on the day-to-day lives of ordinary North Koreans, as very few have internet access. The majority of the sites that have been taken down are apparently utilized for propaganda and are directed at international audiences.

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