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Lola Tess worry for Charice Pempengco because she might lose all her properties and return to nothing


We often heard there is no permanent thing in the world, only change. Just like in the world of showbiz. Perhaps the popularity and luxury enjoyed today by celebrities may change over time.

They may now be the richest and most well-known artists in the country but we also cannot say how long it will be because over time the success and prosperity they have now may also gradually disappear or change.

So if an actor is not well in the way of handling the money he earns and he just keeps spending it on it will definitely be a bigger problem.

Many of us have witnessed the beginning to the success of Charice Pempengco’s career. With her singing prowess, it is no wonder why she is admired by many Filipinos and other races. She has also been associated with well -known programs and individuals around the world.

But recently her grandmother Lola Tess shocked the public about her revelation that the singer’s funded assets were gradually being depleted.

According to a report from Pilipino Star Ngayon, Lola Tess said that Charice has sold her mansion, condo in Laguna, apartment in Cabuyao, two apartments in America, and even her business in America is gone.

Grandmother Tess said that she could not help but worry and worry for her grandson because she might lose all her treasures and return to nothing.

On top of that, Grandma Tess also expressed resentment when her granddaughter changed her name Charice to Jake Zyrus.

Lola Tess said,

“Hindi ko apo si Jake Zyrus.”

She added,

“Sino ba si Charice Pempengco? Apo ko. ‘Yong Jake Zyrus, hindi ko apo iyan. Hindi ko kilala yan!”
Grandma's strong statement,
“Kahit ikamatay ko, anak, hindi ko kukunsintihan na maging Jake Zyrus ka.”

Grandma Tess even said that she didn’t speak when Charice admitted that she was a lesbian but that changing her name was another matter.

She said, “Hindi tama yun! Diba nung unang-una ang apelyido ang tinanggal? Hindi rin ako pumayag.”
Lola Tess added, “Kahit anong gawin man na palitan niya ang pangalan niyang Jake Zyrus, anong mangyayari, si Charice Pempengco pa rin ang hahanapin ng mga tao.”

It’s just sad to think but really all of the things in our world can change over time. That is why we should listen to our parents’ advice to be thankful and content with the things we have because they can be lost to us if we do not take good care of them.

Charice Pempengco, Uniti-unti Na Raw Nauubos Ang Mga Naipundar At Mga Properties Ay Nabenta Na|Feed News Today

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