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Leody de Guzman was eyeing for Vice-presidential seat at first, says his daughter


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Leah De Guzman, the daughter of Partido Lakas ng Masa presidential candidate Leody De Guzman, revealed on Monday that her father was at first considered for the position of vice president in the May elections.

In an interview with Boh Abunda, Leah said: “Sinasabi naman niya na parang may mga nag-iisip, nagko-consider na, initially pa nga eh, VP position. Sunod n’un, inaamo-amo niya na ako, ‘Paano kaya kung Presidente?”

Leah stated that they were shocked to learn that their father had filed his candidacy for the country’s highest office, prompting them to immediately discuss how it would affect the family.

Leah: “Nung una, pahaging lamang. And nung lumabas na nga ‘yung balita na magpa-file na siya ng candidacy, siyempre sa amin as a family, nagulat kami and hindi kami sang-ayon nung simula.”

“Kaya ang ginawa namin (on the dining table), nagdiskusyon: ano ‘yung mga pros and cons, ano ‘yung mga implications niya with the family, kasi nga, this is very new to us. And running for the highest position, is this something that we are ready?”

She stated that her father assured them at the time that his bid was for a greater cause.

“Naintidihan naman namin na this is for a bigger cause, this is something bigger than all of us. And this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so might as well support it.”

Leah told he [Leody] was prepared. Leody assured that the purpose of his candidacy is primarily to have a channel for his platforms.

This article was originally published on ABS-CBN News.

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