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Leni promises to restore public’s trust in the government


If Vice President Leni Robredo is elected president in 2022, she has declared that “palakasan,” or patronage, will be abolished.

Vice President Leni Robredo promised on Sunday, Dec. 26 to restore people’s faith in government, fulfill promises, and end the “palakasan” system, if elected president in May 2022.

“Let us bring back our trust in the government. Palakasan should end. Let us level the field in the market. If there’s trust in leadership, investment will come, businesses will grow and there will be more jobs,” Robredo said in her “Hanapbuhay para sa Lahat” advertisement aired on her weekly radio program “BISErbisyong Leni.”

The presidential candidate also wants to improve and strengthen the maritime industry, pointing out that Filipinos make up nearly a quarter of the world’s seafarers.

While climate change is a challenge, the Vice President emphasized that the Philippines can be a climate industry hub by focusing on sustainable and modern agricultural practices and building green and resilient infrastructure that will generate jobs.

Discrimination in the workplace, according to Robredo, should be eliminated by enacting Republic Act No. 10911, or the Anti-Age Discrimination Act.

Meanwhile, Robredo’s campaign released photos of disaster relief operations she has led and participated in since 2006, debunking claims that her office’s disaster relief efforts in the provinces hit by Typhoon Odette are “only for her presidential campaign.”

“These (claims) are receipts for fake news,” Robredo’s camp said.

“We have been doing relief operations in the many provinces devastated by Typhoon Odette. I only got to learn that we were being accused of doing it only because of the upcoming elections. Siyempre, hindi ito totoo. May eleksiyon o wala, andyan tayo (‘pag) may sakuna,” Robredo said in a Facebook post.

She said that as a lawyer for the Saligan group, she was involved in disaster relief operations until she was elected congresswoman and vice president.

Another development is that an agriculture group has announced its support for Robredo’s presidential campaign.

Since its founding in 2003, Arsenio Tanchuling, president of Alyansa Agrikultura, has said that this is the first time his organization has openly supported a presidential candidate.

Over 600 young people from across the country have formed a youth wing for Robredo’s and vice presidential candidate Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan’s campaigns.

The group, known as “Kabataan para sa Team Robredo-Pangilinan or KaTRoPa,” aims to unite all youth leaders and organizations in support of the duo.

“It is high time for the youth to unite with one collective voice in the greatest battle of our generation so far,” KaTRoPa national convenor Ed Faraon said.

Leni Vows To Restore People’s Trust In Gov’t|OneNews.Ph

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