Kris Aquino Rejoices as She Reunites with Her Sons and Prays for Support Amidst Chemotherapy Journey

In a heartwarming reunion, Kris Aquino found herself filled with joy as she once again slept beside her two sons, Joshua Aquino and Bimby Yap. The past week saw Kris’s children paying her a visit in America, bringing smiles and happiness to their mother’s face.

Taking to her Instagram post, Kris shared the details of their first day together. She revealed that her eldest, Josh, woke up early the next day, allowing him to attend Mass with Kris’s boyfriend, Batangas Vice Governor Mark Leviste. They were accompanied by the vice governor’s two children from a previous relationship.

Sharing the delightful experience, Kris wrote, “About their 1st day back… bimb slept from 3 AM to 3:30 PM. Kuya slept at 2 AM but was up at 8 AM. He went to Mass with Vice Gov @markleviste, and his 2 kids who are here, then they all had lunch with Kuya’s favorite Tito Allen & Tita Irene…”

As the day progressed, Joshua took a stroll in the nearby area close to their residence. Bimby, on the other hand, joined him in enjoying a peaceful nap. Kris expressed how much she missed having her children sleeping beside her, saying, “When bimb came back to our room after eating a very late lunch, Kuya woke up and said he’d walk around. Bimb said he was sleepy, so I joined him. Until I woke up and saw it was already 10:20 PM… I was super well-rested, but I missed squeezing between my two giants.”

Kris took the opportunity to express her deep gratitude for having two loving children and prayer warriors by her side. Despite the challenges she faces, Kris remains thankful to God for blessing her with her sons and the countless individuals who include her in their prayers, even without personally knowing her.

In an emotional note, Kris thanked her supporters, saying, “When I read your comments, I get teary-eyed because I ask myself – what did I do to deserve this outpouring of concern and compassion? Thank you for including my healing in your prayers even though you don’t even know me personally. Amidst your own problems, you still think of me and my children in your prayers. God bless you more.”

In a few days’ time, Kris will embark on her chemotherapy journey in America. As she faces this challenging chapter, she draws strength from the love and support of her children and the countless individuals who keep her in their thoughts and prayers.

Kris’s story serves as a reminder of the power of family, love, and the unwavering support from those around us. As she confronts her health battles, her journey resonates with many, inspiring others to cherish their loved ones and find solace in the collective strength of prayer and compassion.


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