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Korean ‘Oppa’ who stars from ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ took the hearts of netizens


The primary actors of the Netflix series “All of Us Are Dead” have received a positive reaction since its release. Among them, actor Lomon, born Park Solomon, has captured the attention of both male and female fans.

“All of Us Are Dead,” a Netflix original film that premiered on January 28th, tells the story of kids who are sequestered in the school where the zombie virus began and are waiting to be rescued, fighting hand in hand to survive.

Park Ji Hoo, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, Lomon (Park Solomon), Lee Yoo Mi, and Yoo In Soo were among the many young performers who appeared in the picture. Actors that have gained domestic and international acclaim for their various attractions.

Among them, Lomon (Park Solomon) is earning popularity in the performance for his lively demeanor and attractive appearance.

Lomon (Park Solomon) plays Lee Soo Hyeok in the series, who takes on perilous jobs with exceptional athleticism and becomes a great supporter of his companions.

The strong impression of Lomon (Park Solomon), who does not fear when his buddies are in peril and takes the lead and subdues zombies with only his gaze, immediately drew the attention of the audience.

Even in dire circumstances, he sketched an intriguing love line with Nam Ra (Jo Yi Hyun), boosting anticipation for a beautiful melodrama as his next work.

Following the release of the series, members of the online community TheQoo commented on Lomon, saying, “I remember him because he is handsome,” “He resembles Kim Hyun Joong,” “He worked well with Cheongsan as well as Nam Ra,” “It feels like seeing an old Hong Kong actor,” and “What is your nationality?”

Lomon (Park Solomon), the actor who played Lee Soo Hyuk, was born in 1999 and holds dual citizenship in South Korea and Uzbekistan.

In 2016, he made his formal debut as PZ3000 in the film “Scary Story 3,” and he has since been in the dramas “100 Years Bride,” “Legendary Witch,” “Doctors,” “Revenge Note,” “Watchman,” and “Appearance Supremacy.”

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